2007 Annotation Outreach Action items

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Annotation Outreach – Jen and Michelle

Most organisms are not annotated, and biologists want to annotate, but learning curve is steep.

Jen ran a letter-writing campaign to get people started.

Improving documentation to help people get started.

SGD ran annotation camp.

Doing outreach at meetings.

Jen has created an ontology of outreached-to groups.


PAMGO held a term jamboree at TIGR; > 500 new terms resulted; once terms are resolved, annotation will begin at full speed.

TIGR holds regularly scheduled prokaryotic annotation courses (4 x/year).

Eukaryotic course set to begin March 2007.

Courses cover manual & automated curation.

Need to see how many course attendees actually continue to use GO.

Action item for Michelle – get this info