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  • Ben - new servers on schedule, Stuart confirms we will switch over wed. afternoon (PDT)
  • Rotating meeting chairs debate: We will just rotate chairs week-by-week.
  • Seth is tweaking autocomplete.
  • Jane does not like Princeton GO slim mapper - doesn't show division of GPs into slim catgories.
  • Seth not sure if Chris' API handles shows the genes mappings or just numbers.
  • dividing lines between amigo1/amigo2. - should slim mapper be integrated into 1.0 vs. 2.0.
  • Ben - if we release seperately, we should freeze dev. on amigo 1. Would people care if we stopped developing amigo 1.0? Similar question with autocomplete - we shouldn't back add this to amigo 1.0.
  • How complete is map2slim? Jane will look at it once Seth repairs it.
  • Comments on term finder - separate ontologies, other comments?
  • Demo of term finder - should we have filters by individual evidence codes? Should we keep them there for educational purposes? How to handle different types of identifiers? Even synoymns of valid go gene products? Expected outputs? Coming soon, connecting term finder and map2slim?
  • Wiki page organization screwed up by Category:Amigo working group. Jane will make a new Amigo working group page (w/out category)