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Chair: Ben

  • Can we discuss the role of the meeting_chair tomorrow? Most of us assume that people remember these meetings and call/logon etc without reminders (Rama)


  • we will set up an email reminder (Friday morning Pacific US time). This will go to the HUB group with a reminder to send agenda items. There will be a link to this wiki page so that we can determine who the chairperson is. This is better than the chart (AWG meeting chairs) because we often skip a meeting. Ben will set up the cron job that sends the email.
  • meeting chair should add minutes on this page, and update next meeting chair.
  • If there are no agenda items, we can assume that there is no meeting
  • similar policy will be adopted for full AWG. You might get stuck with back-to-back chairing due to missed meetings. Suck it up.
  • we would like to set up webx "working group" meetings to review other sites' methods and interfaces for the types of queries we will run. We should use Jane's flowcharts: AmiGO:_Workflows