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Chair: Chris

Review previous Action Items from previous meeting

(no minutes from July 11, so going with:) http://gocwiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Hub_group_meetings#June_26.2C_2007

  1. Action: Ben will update the Wiki about Chair rotations
 DONE: chairs must move the star
  1. Action: Chris to put big ideas on the tracker
  1. Action: Eurie/Jane will bring up the issue of inviting non consortium members to the WG discussion in the next Managers meeting.

carried over from June 12:

  1. Inform other groups of our conference call time
  1. Replace flat file with OBO file
 Done. beta can export obo
  1. Get prototypes to WG
  1. Solicit names for "termfinder" and "map2slim" from WG

current candidates:

  • term enrichment
  • map2slim; goslimmapper
  1. Front page mockups, ask how WG likes them
  1. Start automated testing
 TODO: Seth

Amelia suggested using log files.


What is the AmiGO Hub?

Information about the hub is hard to find on the gocwiki. Are we a mysterious shadowy cabal pulling strings and levers at the heart of GO? Or are we just confused?

In this meeting we will delve into the heart of this issue and try and resolve exactly how the Hub related to the following nodes in the GO organisational DAG.

Some background:

Releases and release cycle

Some questions, sorry if we have been over some already but I think it'd be good to get some of this down :

  1. when is the next release?


 Seth still needs code from Amelia
 TODO: Integrating termfinder and map2slim.

Note: Ben is gone in 2 weeks for a week

 Search relevance is done.
 TODO: Seth will coordinate with John on OE ranking

alpha version ready this week

  1. what features will be in the next release?
  2. what is the test process & can we improve it?
  3. what is the release cycle?

2/year; used to be 4/year

Ben suggested auto check versions of perl modules to help speed up testing of stanford deployment

  1. what are the obstacles to a faster release cycle?
  2. how are features and bugs prioritised?
 TODO: top5. to go in tracker; currently just languishes in email
List as voted on by the AWG
1.  download options
2.  sorted search results
3.  searching with mis-spelled terms
4.  improved gene product search
5.  a tie between organize and allow filtering species by kingdom and advanced Search radio button
Long-standing wish list items
1.  Term Finder
2.  Term Mapper
3.  IEA
Additional functionalities
1.  New short URL
2.  Term tracker

  1. what is our plan for the GOC meeting?

We only have a short time between next release and meeting; not enough time for a full release

focus on refGenomes; get a prototype to show of refg graph views, integrated with database


Jane will be on Maternity leave from Aug18

Open up AWG meeting to consortium in 3 weeks

 TODO: discuss a1 & a2 in 2 weeks