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Rama, Eurie, Mary, Amelia, Seth, Chris

Action items

  • In order to prevent any future confusion/problems with the rota and schedule, Seth will be permanent chair for hub and WG; all items should go to him and an agenda will go out on Friday (Seth)
  • The web presence group and the AmiGO working group will be merged for the purpose of reporting during the meeting (Chris/Eurie)
  • Chris proposed that the WG should get together as a group and discuss/use AmiGO sometime during the upcoming meeting (Seth will send email to WG)


  • Timeline: the next release will be finished during the period that Amelia is in Berkeley and work on the new release will start.
  • Future directions: The next planned release will concentrate on integrating the reference genome and having it be more interactive than AmiGO has been to date
  • Mary, Amelia and others offered suggestions for reference genome displays
  • Briefly discussed time when Mary could work directly with Berkeley group