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Seth, Amelia, Rama


  • Talk about wikification of the AmiGO User Manual and Help
  • Talk about the rearrangement of the AmiGO parts of the wiki
  • A couple of questions from Amelia and Seth to Ben about how the load balancer works.
  • AmiGO testing and release timeline.
  • Who should be considered in the WPWG and Hub for the purposes of the app note.
  • Field questions about beta


  • Wikification OK
  • Rearrangement OK
  • Load balancer questions deferred until Ben returns
  • Timeline OK
  • Rama said just send mail to group
  • QA

Action Items

  • Send out another release to WPWG for comment
  • [DONE] Send mail to Hub and WPWG asking who should be considered in the group for the app note