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Seth, Amelia, Rama, Ben, Chris, Suzi


Half an hour


  • Discuss release
  • Discuss opening WPWG to
    • non-GO installs
    • people who use those installs
    • any others

Previous Action Items

  • Send out public beta to GO list (DONE)
  • Release AmiGO


  • Discussed releasing AmiGO
    • Show stoppers
      • "big link" issue
        • fix API?
        • remove links?
  • Discussed getting more people for the WPWG
    • Which lists would be good?
      • Won't try lists
    • Ben will try and rustle-up mods to contact

Action Items

  • Look into "big link" issue
  • Everyone try and think of people to draw into the WPWG
  • Rustle-up mods to contact (Ben) (DONE)
  • Release AmiGO