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Amelia, Seth, Rama, Mary


~30 min.


  • Review progress on 1.6 and revise time plan if necessary
  • WPWG - do we have enough testers? How to handle for 1.6 release?
  • SOP


  • SOP: will wait until we have more people to discuss
  • progress on 1.6
    • reached beta on time but
    • not a lot of testers around everybody seems busy
    • 1.6: will work with Mary a bit more to get ref genome stuff working, then open it to a wider group (in the interests of time, this will mean skipping the usual WPWG process).
    • when we get to the final test and release phase of 1.6, will assign individual pages to individuals and have them write the wiki help pages as part of the process.
  • would it be possible to get an external user's group for AmiGO with the people who, for whatever reason, are heavy users?
    • maybe add this for discussion at next go meeting.

Action Items

  • finish sanity check with Mary and punt to larger group (Seth)
  • assign pages to people (when the time comes for 1.6) (Seth)
  • add external user's group item to GO meeting agenda (Seth)

Previous Action Items

  • discuss SOP when we have more people
  • send notes along to software group
    • amigo data structs (amelia)
    • ref gen and DBIx::Class (seth)
  • put all new stuff in next release tracker (seth)
  • clean tracker more