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Mary, Seth, Amelia, Rama, Ben


~15 min.


  • Redo of last time:
    • What's up with dual taxon?
    • Review progress on 1.6 and revise time plan if necessary
    • WPWG - do we have enough testers? How to handle for 1.6 release?
    • SOP


  • Ben can't do Tuesdays starting in mid-October
  • Can Seth get the RG demo up again by Thursday? He better...
  • Demo next Tuesday for AmiGO possibilities?
  • Send to Ben the fix the dual taxon stuff...and list to get unit tests working.

Action Items

  • check in file, then check in DB (dual taxon, Amelia)
  • release SOP wishlist (seth)
    • then ask ben
  • indentured testing
    • name to feature mapping
    • a week's heads up
  • finish sanity check with Mary and punt to larger group (Seth)
  • assign pages to people (when the time comes for 1.6) (Seth)
  • add external user's group item to GO meeting agenda (Seth)

Previous Action Items

  • discuss SOP when we have more people
  • send notes along to software group
    • amigo data structs (amelia)
    • ref gen and DBIx::Class (seth)
  • put all new stuff in next release tracker (seth)
  • clean tracker more