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Seth, Suzi, Siddartha, Pascale, Edith, Michael (Princeton), Amelia, Chris, Rama, ...


~60 min.


Largely a repeat from last time.


  • summary
    • green turns blue
    • action item chris to remind ev code group
    • no anno or off anno
    • an empty cell means that no homolog has been found in that organism
    • text-only is a homolog means that ... (get suzi to say it again)
    • fix species names for latin
    • pre-render each column, and then add on fly
    • title bar title.
    • caps on index?
  • details
    • (buggy--deferred for next week at RG)
  • graph
    • don't like inferred
      • ...
    • link to help
    • "global ev"
      • could be filtered?
    • exp and iss clarification (key?)
    • maybe exp and iss as corona?
    • make coverage just a toggle box and always have direct?

Action Items

  • make changes outlined above in discussion before RG meeting (seth)
  • fix for IDA bug (seth)
  • release SOP wishlist (seth)
    • then ask ben
  • indentured testing
    • name to feature mapping
    • a week's heads up
  • assign pages to people (when the time comes for 1.6) (Seth)

Previous and Ongoing Action Items

  • discuss SOP when we have more people
  • send notes along to software group
    • amigo data structs (amelia)
    • ref gen and DBIx::Class (seth)
  • put all new stuff in next release tracker (seth)
  • clean tracker more