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Seth, Amelia, Rama




  • Chat in a little more detail about 1.8 (continue from WPWG)




  • Rama's edits to 1.7 announcement
    • See relevant email thread
  • Discussion about removing "cgi-bin/amigo" path on main site
    • Seth will check with Stuart
  • Stanford out from 12/18 to 1/4
  • What other ontology browsers are useful, should we check?
  • Small discussion about new RG views
    • See all but first action item.

Action Items

  • Add "cgi-bin/amigo" to next Stanford discussion list (seth) [DONE]
  • Check up with Chris about the status of species browsing in AmiGO (seth)
    • Old or new code?
    • Necessary for new RG views?
  • Aim for some kind of public tree by next week's RG (seth)

Previous and Ongoing Action Items

  • web converter for old-format obo files (part of general purpose converter).
  • action item (chris) to remind ev code group
  • release SOP wishlist (seth)
    • then ask ben
  • discuss SOP when we have more people
  • send notes along to software group
    • amigo data structs (amelia)
    • ref gen and DBIx::Class (seth)
  • put all new stuff in next release tracker (seth)
  • clean tracker more