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ASAP: replace all Contact links to gohelp. Shu offered to do this.

In the November release

  • we will not have a new window open when you click on a term. This will take care of not having the search box/link back to home on every term page.
  • IEAs will be displayed in November release.
  • We would like a summary of counts- IEAs and non-IEAs/species on the term details page so that users get an idea and they can click on what they want. This way, we don't retrieve all the annotations for display and slow the server down.
  • Download option will be implemented.
  • We should write a specs document on what we want the Download button to do before it can be implemented.

After the November release:

We all agreed that AmiGO should be more than for browsing ontologies and annotations. We would like this to be a hub where some of the GOC approved software is available. Towards this end, we will offer a web interface for map2slim tool as part of AmiGO. Since resources are limited, we will evaluate and prioritize.

GOst batch query-

  • Shu offered to take a look at the GMOD Blast interface
  • We decided to have a 100 sequence cut-off
  • Provide more BLAST parameters

On the results page, will provide an option to view one sequence at a time or an option to download.