Adding or Deleting Asserted Subclasses

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Moving terms

Terms can be moved as long as the term's new position correctly reflects its relationships to other terms and moving the term does not imply a significant change in the meaning of the term. Terms should not, however, be moved between ontologies; only within the same ontology. If you need to move a term to a different ontology, first obsolete it and then create a new term in the other ontology.

Removing asserted subclasses that are also inferred

  • Asserted is_a parents do not need to be retained as SubClass of if the logical definition for a term results in their inference.
  • After creating the new term, you should synchronize the Reasoner. This will show see the reasoned classification of the new term, including inferred subclass(es).
  • If the logical definition is redundant with the asserted subclasses, those can be deleted by clicking on the X to the right term in the Description window in Protege.
  • If the inferred classification does not contain the correct parentage or is inconsistent, the logical definition should be modified.
  • Make sure to run the Reasoner after each change and verify that all inferences are correct.
 See Ontology_Editors_Daily_Workflow for commit, push and merge instructions.

Review Status

Last reviewed: Feb 8, 2021

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