AmiGO for Bar Harbor 2010

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AmiGO 1.8

For a more complete discussion of AmiGO 1.8, please see the development and installation pages.


  • All AmiGO and AmiGO-related source code is now running out of the geneontology SVN repository (no longer a CVS/SVN split)
  • Have a version branched and ready for production
  • Working on some rollout/library issues for the production servers

New Bits (since last meeting)

  • New term details term details for GO:0022008
    • Tabbed layout
    • New textual graph view
    • QuickGO graph view as default
  • Speed–new caching sub-system for several components

AmiGO Labs

More current information on AmiGO Labs can be found on AmiGO_1_8 in the "future" sections.

Solr Appliance

Future releases will rely on a separate high-speed search service.

  • Currently hosted at Berkeley (for early adopters)
  • Better results
  • Loads and responds much faster

Improved Automated Testing System

  • Multiple simultaneous agents
  • Complete page/agent logging
  • Postgres backend

Connections to Annotation Tracker

  • See Sven's slides

Phylogenic Tree View

AmiGO Future