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Page contents

The "Gene Product Search Results" page provides a list of 'gene products names' matching a 'gene symbols or names' search. This search is matching the primary gene product name, systematic identifier or any synonyms used to refer to the gene product (I think what I have written here is wrong see comments below).

Page navigation

Clicking on a 'gene product name' takes you to the "Gene Product Details" page. This page provides further information about the individual search results. This includes:

  • Gene product information with database cross-references
  • Access to the protein sequence
  • All of the gene ontology associations (annotations) for the gene product

Filtering the results

Gene product searches can be filtered by the species and the database from which the gene product comes. You can also filter gene products by their association data, using the ontology and evidence code filters. These will limit your results to those gene products associated to terms in the selected ontology (or ontologies) that are annotated with the chosen evidence code(s). All the filters allow you to pick one or more of the options, and will default to 'all' if no options are selected.

The 'Filter' option is avaiable from the menu bar

Searching additional fields

By default the fieds ***** are searched. To search additional fields (list *****) use the 'Advanced Query' option on the menu bar.

Notes (to be removed)

  1. This documentation will need to be updated when the search results relevence is implemented
  1. comment from Val I can't think of any reason why you would want to filter the products based on evidence code or ontology. I would only use these options when looking at annotations to a terms.
I don't really use the product search anyway, as if I know the gene name I would come via the organism database, but this is really only a way to locate (usually) a single gene of interest (you can't use it to identify related genes because names are so inconsitent). The organism/database filters are useful here if you get 100's of results and you are only interested in one organism but I don't think the other filters aren't very menaingful in this context.
  1. comment from Val/ inconsistency
gene symbols or names are bing searched (from front page) for advanced search "Name and symbol" is checked already (which field is this?)...but, gene symbol isn't checked?
  1. I'm still not sure why you would want to batch download protein fasta sequences from this query....they generally won 't be related results...any comments?