Annotation Conf. Call, October 11, 2011

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1) Eleanor Stanley from UniProtKB has kindly agreed to talk about how UniProtKB have selected proteins for inclusion in the UniProt complete proteome sets. These proteome sets which have been created for 2,747 proteomes including human, mouse, dictyostellium, zebrafish, D. melanogaster, rat, chicken, C. elegans, S. cerevisiae, S. pombe, arabidopsis and 38 E. coli strains (for further details, see: She is also intending to describe the UniProt reference proteome sets, sets of proteins from a selected strain that are to be considered representative for a specific genus, and which will be a focus of UniProtKB manual annotation.

Presentation:File:GO annot proteomes.pdf

Webex URL:

2) Discussion on standard operating procedures (SOP) of PAINT based on PMID 21873635- discussion by Paul and Pascale

3) Loading PAINT annotations into MOD databases