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Identifies an entity indirectly affected (bound, transported, modified, consumed or destroyed) by the gene product's participation in a Molecular Function or Biological Process.


If the entity is directly bound/acted upon by the gene product that is the subject of the annotation, then the relation: has_direct_input should be alternatively considered.


has_indirect_target (EXACT)

indirectly_localizes (NARROW)

Child terms

  • None

Scope of use


BFO:0000007 ! process (Biological Process or Molecular Function)


ENTITY_UNION:0000005 ! chemical, gene product, or complex

Annotation Extension Usage Examples

1. PMID:11278723 (Fig 3a) Overexpression of JIK increases the phosphorylation of TRAF2 (Q12933).

JIK (Q9H2K8) should be annotated to;

 col 5: GO:0006468 ! protein phosphorylation
 col 16: has_indirect_input(Q12933)

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