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NOTE: this annotation extension relation is being deprecated in favor of 'has input'. Any annotations that use the 'regulates translation of' extension should replace the relation with 'has input'. The object of the 'has input' relation should be the entity whose translation is being regulated. Other inputs to the BP should not be captured if they are not the object of translation regulation.

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  • shorthand: regulates_translation_of
  • label: regulates translation of


A relationship that holds between a process and a protein coding gene whose translation is regulated by that process.


Relates a regulatory process or function to the gene whose translation it regulates.

local domain

{u'BFO:0000001': }

local range

{u'SO:0000704': u'gene', u'PR:000000001': u'PR:000000001', u'GO:0032991': u'macromolecular complex', u'CHEBI:24431': u'chemical entity', u'MI:0315': u'protein complex', u'SO:0000673': u'transcript'}


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Last reviewed: January 15, 2021