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GO Editorial Office Report - April 2006

SourceForge items
  Items opened	52
  Closed by editorial office	40
   (note: 1 SF item closed outside GO-Ed. this month; see end of
    report for details and for non-GO-Ed contributors to items we
  Items in progress, assigned to editorial office	74

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Erika has provided quite a bit of detail on her recent work, which
I'll send around separately.

Content working group rough draft (Midori, with input from all GO Eds)

Content topics in progress:
  Complete is_a paths for cellular component - update to get back in
    sync with 'active' ontology, and almost ready to GO (Jane, with
    Chris M)
  Morphogenesis (Jen, with dev biol group)
  Vasculature (Jen, with dev biol group)
  Cell differentiation, general ontology structure (Jen, with dev biol group)
  Standard definition for 'maturation' (Jen, with dev biol group)

Content topics resolved:
  Development term definitions: change 'processes' to 'process' (Jen)
  Several small things for SourceForge items  

OBO-Edit working group update:
  Working group summary (Midori)
  User guide progress
  IRC April 18 (next: May 4)
  Testing beta18
  OBO-Edit walkthrough for 'various EBI bods' (Jane)

  Post-St. Croix chats with MA to get overview of action items
  BioModels.net Training Camp (organized by Nicolas le Novere, EBI)
    General 'Introduction to GO' talk (Midori)
  Presentation to GSK (Erika, on her work in the GO Ed. office)
  Some planning for upcoming meetings, including neurobiology content
    meeting and annotation camp

  Book chapter in progress: 'Parasites and GO' for bioinformatics text
    book for parasitologists (Jane, with Matt Berriman)

figs2go & ko2go mappings in progress (Jane, with MA on ko2go)
mesh2go mapping under discussion (Jane)

Annotation outreach (Jen)
  Mailing list created for working group
  Working group summary
  Outreach to 'SEEDS' group
  Collaboration set up between GOA and a new annotation group in Italy  
  Work on Roslin/GOA Chicken Consortium Grant proposal

Some updates to web pages (Amelia)

A few queries on the mailing list (mainly Midori)

GO Bibliography now has 835 entries

Appendix 1: input from others on SF items closed this month

1025157 - many! (This is the 'new look cell cycle entry, on which many
          curators and a few PIs commented, both in the SF entry and
          by email. Major contributors include Val Wood, Chandra
1427382 (& 1473287) - Becky Foulger, Karen Christie
1428548 - Melissa Haendel, Doug Howe
1435926 - Karen Christie
1446726 - Karen Christie
1472538 - Becky Foulger, Alex Diehl
1476809 - Becky Foulger, David Hill

Appendix 2: SF items that touch on other OBO ontologies
1428548 - CL