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In order to encourage scientists working in the fields of immunology and the cardiovascular system to help us with the task of annotating genes involved the respective systems we have created a series of gene specific wiki pages. At present only a limited number of priority gene pages have been created, although we welcome people to create new wiki pages for genes not currently listed if they have specific information to offer.

We would like to know what functions and processes these genes are involved in and their cellular location. This information can be supplied as free text, or simply via a reference; you may also suggest specific GO terms as well.

Trained GO annotators will then use this information to identify the appropriate gene ontology terms (GO) and the annotations will be publicly available via a variety of genetic databases including the GO consortium database, Entrez Gene, MGI, EBI.

How to provide information

Step 1: Use the gene wiki page to link to the current annotation about the gene and consider whether the current knowledge about a gene is fully encapsulated by the terms used to describe it.

Step 2: If there are known functions, processes, or cellular locations of a gene which are not included in the linked lists of GO annotations please edit the section at the bottom of the gene wiki page "Community Input Section" to provide missing information or possible new GO annotations, and to suggest papers where this information is described.

Step 3: Include your name and email address on the wiki page so that, if necessary, we can contact you and discuss the details about the annotation of the gene.

Information to be submitted:

It is essential that we are given the PubMedID/PMID of any publication that provides data that should be annotated with the GO; this can be found at the bottom of the abstract in most literature search tools.

The following information would be of additional help:

1. A list of the key points identified in the experiment. This can be a simple list of key words/phrases, or a summary piece of text.

2. The species the experimental gene was derived from.

3. The experimental method used to support the annotation.

4. Your name and email address.

Availability of Gene Ontology Annotations

GO annotations are now included in all the major genetic databases, and therefore by participating in the annotation of the immune or cardiovascular genomes you will ensure that a detailed summary about these genes is available in these databases (with links to appropriate publications). High throughput data analysis tools also use these annotations, and the output of these tools will be improved by your contributions. There are also innumerable other Gene Ontology Tools available: to search and browse GO, to annotate genes or gene products using GO, for Gene Expression Analysis, and more. See Gene Ontology Tools web page for more information