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PROBLEM 1 Problem:cell proliferation ; GO:0008283 was causing a problem because in single-celled organisms, it's a population-level term, whereas in multicellular organisms it's a cell-population level term.

Resolution: cell proliferation ; GO:0008283 has been moved out of 'cellular process ; GO:0009987' as a stop-gap.

Future AIs: There have been ongoing discussions on the GO mailing list (growth/cell growth/proliferation) about whether we should have child terms for multicellular and unicellular organisms under GO:0008283.

PROBLEM 2 Problem: How to link cell proliferation and cell growth to cell division?

NOTE ADDED BY DPH: I think that the has-part suggestion made by Rama is correct. Cell proliferation will always have cell division as a part of it. Cell growth has nothing to do with cell proliferation per se. In some cases, cells grow before they divide, but i don't think we want to go that route.

Resolution: none (yet)

Future AIs: We could link cell division and cell proliferation with has_part relationships. The top level BP terms ultimately need to be reorganised with consultation with experts and annotatators.


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