Column 16: linking GO functions, processes, and components in one annotation

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The identifers used in the annotation extension field need not be external - a GO ID can be used, for example to state that a function F is executed during process P.

Why allow GO IDs in col 16? Can I just co-annotate instead

co-annotation is not sufficient. Important information is lost. For example, if a gene has 4 annotations to

  • mitochondrion
  • nucleus
  • translation
  • transport

We have no way of knowing whether the gene is involved in

  • nuclear translation vs mt translation (or both)
  • transport within, to or from cytoplasm or nucleus

Functions carried out as part of a process

We use the part_of relation to link function and process (this relation is already used for the inter-ontology links)

For example, if a gene product is observed to have GTPase activity as a part of the nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway, you would annotate:

 col5: GO:0003924
 col16: part_of(GO:0048011)

Note you should also include a separate annotation in which GO:0048011 is in col5, so that people who are not using col 16 will not be worse off than they are now. See guidelines.

Note that you would not say something like this:

 col5: GO:0016301
 col16: part_of(GO:0016310)
  • GO:0016301 - kinase activity
  • GO:0016310 - phosphorylation

This is harmless but pointless, because we know that kinase activity is part_of phosphorylation from gene_ontology_ext

Function-Process-Component threesomes

 col5: GO Function ID
 col16: part_of(GO PROCESS ID),occurs_in(GO CC ID)

Also include 2 redundant annotation lines