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There is going to be an ontology freeze this week while we implement the following:

- The new regulates relationships 
	- Information at
	- Questions to David Hill, Tanya Berardini, Chris Mungall
	  dph at, tberardi at, cjm at

- The electron transport changes, including obsoletion of electron transport ; GO:0006118
	- Questions to Jennifer Deegan - jdeegan at

- The changes to the structure of the go/ontology directory 
	- Questions to Chris Mungall - cjm at
       - in the short term these changes in directory structure only affect you if you write to the ontology

The freeze will start at:
	Midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, March 18.
	(8 am GMT, on Wednesday, March 19th in the UK)

The freeze will end on Tuesday, March 25th, and Chris will mail to announce this. After the freeze all edits must be on the .obo file in the editors directory