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These are the current conference calls hosted by members of the Gene Ontology Consortium (GOC). To join a call, follow the provided URL or contact the group for access.

Group Day & Time How to join Minutes Repository
LEGO Every Monday, 8:00am US Pacific Time Public BlueJeans Conference Call LEGO Calls GitHub GO-Noctua
Annotation Advocacy 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 8:00am US Pacific Time Public BlueJeans Conference Call Annotation Calls GitHub GO-Annotation
GO Managers Every other Wednesday (1st & 3rd), 8:00am US Pacific Time Private. SWITCHED TO BLUEJEANS GO Managers Calls GitHub GOC
Data Capture Working Group Every other Wednesday (2nd & 4th), 8:00am US Pacific Time Public Zoom Conference Call Data Capture Calls GitHub Test Repo
GO Directors Every Wednesday, 9:00am US Pacific Time Private. Use the GO passcode at the Jackson Conference Line. - GitHub GOC
GAF/GPAD output for LEGO Every Wednesday at 10:30am US Pacific Time Informal Skype meeting with DavidH, Heiko, and Kimberly. - Email them for access. See LEGO. See LEGO.
GO Ontology Editors Every Thursday at 11:30am US Eastern Time Public GoToMeeting Conference Call Ontology Calls GitHub GO-Ontology
PAINT Convenes as needed. Emails sent to GO-discuss PAINT Calls GitHub GO-PAINT
Software Team Convenes as needed. Emails sent to GO-software - GitHub GOC

These calls are also listed on the "GO Calendar", hosted in Google. You may request access to the GO Google Calendar by emailing Kimberly, Paola, Melanie or Moni with your Google email address.