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GOC website redesign thoughts

We will use this page to put down ideas. Once we know what the page should be we can get it designed/develop content.

  • Goal should be to educate users, advocacy site. Why should users care about GO annotations or the ontologies?
    • Why do we (GOC) exist? How do we address the issue standardization?
    • There are 3 components to the GOC. The concept of ontology, the project that makes these ontologies happen and then the product, which are the annotations.
    • GOC is not just about AMiGO, being able to retrieve annotations. There are other equivalent sites to retrieve annotations. So goal should be educate users on how this data is useful etc
    • Guide people to get to the data/information
    • this should be an easy portal for human geneticists to gather data from model organisms
    • People usually search for a concept and wikipedia is the top result. How do we link Wikipedia to GO?
    • How do we reach out to more users? Wikipedia, NCBI and UniProt are the main points of entry for many users. How do we direct people from these to GOC?
    • Three types of users (people who come to do GO enrichment, who want to download annotations for their genes, people who have a new genome sequenced and want it GO annotated). How do we make sure the website meets these needs.

Website ideas

Discussion (3/27)

  • http://beta.geneontology.org is the demo site
  • Rama and Rachael will add content
  • Define what we are is important
  • Main site to serve as a forum (blogs etc should be available on the landing page), more of a rolling blog like thing that we see on most web pages
  • Do we need the questions in the boxes? Mike- yes, many of the words we use are buzz words and people don't know what they mean.
  • Suzi- may be just one question- What is gene ontology?
  • Mike: People get more out of pictures..so may be use the slide show to convey more.
  • we need to bring in somebody to layout concepts on the homepage
  • one side with dynamic news/content and the other side with static content
  • Slide show: combine What is Gene Ontology, what is an annotation etc to the Slide show. Seth doesn't have to worry about who makes these slides.
  • One of the issues with rolling blog thing is updating (in SGD there is one person devoted to keeping the blog rolling). We can aggregate content from twitter, biostar etc
  • Make sure to have a link to How to Cite GO in the About pull down
  • Make the GO activity section wider (2 column layout)- one for Slide show, one for GO activity
  • can we get rid of the radio buttons for gene/protein or GO term. If all of them are indexed can we get rid of it?
  • Mike- Can Moni look at the graphical layouts (she is not a technical person) and give her comments on the general layout. We can also have a SGD programmer (Greg Roe) look at it. Both Greg and Moni are naive with regards to what is GO etc. So they will be able to give a naive perspective.
  • Suzi will send the new logo to Seth.
  • Idea is to just show how we are reorganizing the landing page.
  • If any of you have some slides on ontology or annotations as a place holder for Seth to add

Seth's Takeaways

  • Move search into header right corner; remove selection
  • GO text blob out
  • Two-column layout: static left, active right (see sgd page for general)
  • slide carousel at top of static
  • recover some vertical space (and a little text compression?)