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Starting March 1, 2017

All GO help queries go to the Github GO Helpdesk tracker

Recommended actions for tracker:

  • Triage queries.
    • Mark as "accepted" immediately, add additional flags as appropriate
    • Assign queries to the person with appropriate expertise.
  • Check the FAQ. Answers might already be there.
  • If needed, improve FAQ documentation on website, or assign task to others (contact Seth or Suzi if you need help with the website).
  • Mark tickets as "stale" after ~ 1 month of no response from OP or after a solution has been proposed. Prompt OP for any further related questions; tickets can be closed due to inactivity after a further appropriate amount of time.

Help with queries

The following resources are likely to be completely out of date:

  • The archive from the go-ontology mailman system is available for searching pre-2013: [1].
  • The EBI gohelp JIRA set up is also still available for searching if you have access: [2]