Guidelines for new Binding terms

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Guidelines for protein binding (GO:0005515 & children)

  • Annotation guidelines state that GO:0005515 protein binding should be captured with
    • IPI evidence
    • a protein ID in the with field, which represent the target protein with which the experiment was done (mandatory)
    • Ideally, a protein ID in the has input extension field, which corresponds to the entry of the actual physiological target (ie human to human interaction should have two human proteins, (1) the enabler, (2) the input, and if the experiment was done with a mouse protein, that mouse protein ID should be captured in the with, and the orthologous human protein in the has input extension field.
  • The exception to this practice include terms such as actin binding / tubulin binding / histone binding. The reason for those exception in that many species have many identical copies and it isn't often clear which copy of "actin" was used, and so it is difficult to specify in the with field.

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