Incorporation of PAINT annotations (Retired)

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PAINT annotations can be downloaded from the GO ftp site here:

Folders in this directory are split by annotation group

- PAINT annotations in this directory will be updated (! need frequency and date - e.g. and available to upload on the first of each month)

As of 16-03-2011

1. PAINT evidence codes are now described on the GO website, therefore groups no longer need to replace the IBA, IBD, IKR, IRD codes with ISS

As of 16-03-2011

1. As currently PAINT evidence codes: IAS, IMR and IRD have no GO Consortium evidence code documentation, groups should only integrate annotations that use the IAS evidence and replace this IAS (Inferred from Ancestral Sequence) code with the ISS evidence code (which is a legal GO evidence code and an ancestor of IAS).

2. Until Panther/PAINT references are finalized, the GO_REF:0000033 should be used in the DB:Reference (column 6) for all integrated annotations.

Additional Information

The UniProt-GOA group intends to upload annotations from all PAINT files located in the above ftp directory into their UniProt GO annotation dataset. However, the annotation files created for: PomBase, ZFIN, SGD, TAIR and MGI will instead be retrieved by GOA from the each of the MOD's gene association file, as each of these groups are intending to review manually (and possibly filter) the PAINT annotation set for their species of interest.