July 2007 Monthly Report

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GOA Outreach Talks

Evelyn Camon
Gene Ontology Annotation Database
10/11 July 2007
Almac Group Ltd., Craigavon, NORTHERN IRELAND

Emily Dimmer and Daniel Barrell
GOA database Project
5-6 July
Swiss Institute of Bioinformtics

Emily Dimmer
GO and GOA
10th July
Royal Society of Chemistry

Emily Dimmer
Talk on GO and GOA resources, and discussion on automatic annotation methods
30th July
With Alex Freitas, University of Kent and his post-docs.


Susan Bridges, Shane Burgess and Fiona McCarthy of AgBase were informed that they have received funding for a Chicken Genome Meeting & Chicken GO annotation Camp. This meeting will be held at Mississippi State, May 2008.

PAMGO workshop

XIII International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.
Sorrento, Italy. July 21-27, 2007.

Get GOing with comparative genomics:
How new terms for the Gene Ontology (GO) are facilitating the study of host-microbe interactions in diverse microbes and their hosts

Individual presentations
Candace Collmer: Getting started with PAMGO – Theory and practice of creating new GO term
Magdalen Lindeberg: GO annotation of experimentally characterized genes from Pseudomonas syringae

Marcus Constantine Chibucos: GO annotation of oomycete genomes – bioinformatic approaches

Trudy Torto-Alalibo: Overview of ontology-based comparative genomics of microbes and their hosts