LEGO February 15, 2016

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  • On call: David H., Guilia, Heiko, Helen, Kimberly, Seth, Stacia
  • Software updates:
    • See Seth's email from 2016-02-05; highlights include:
      • Ability to clone an annoton
      • Model status can now be Delete (replaced having to add DELETE text to model title)
      • IDs now appear with labels, e.g. GO term name and ID both visible
  • Documentation
    • Would be good to formalize documentation updates, i.e. who, what, when
    • Use github repo and text editor whenever possible?
    • We need to schedule a quick github documentation tutorial to make sure everyone knows how to use it to edit documentation
    • Videos - need updates as well
    • Relations documentation - need Paul T.'s comments
  • Models review
    • Two outstanding issues wrt pathways
      • part_of relations - adding all of these into the graph can make for a very cluttered view
      • has_input relation - when to explicitly use this in the model vs when is it part of the logical definition of the chosen term
        • for example, ligand/receptor interactions
        • needs more discussion