LEGO March 21, 2016

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  • Software Updates
  • Demo of Form-Style Curation Interface
  • Plans for Upcoming Geneva Meeting
  • Relations Documentation


  • On call: Chris, David H., David O-S., Giulia, Heiko, Kimberly, Paul T., Ruth, Seth, Suzi

Software updates

  • None this week; Seth has been working on AmiGO

Curation interface - form vs graphical

  • See github ticket:
  • GO curators would want both a form and graphical UI for curation
  • Kimberly demo'ed the web-based curation form WB used before Protein2GO; this form is based on the Phenote curation tool
  • One important feature of a form interface is the ability to add evidence to multiple annotations and to be able to see the evidence while working (i.e., not having to click on a little box to add to each annoton, or having the evidence hidden behind an E)
  • Seth said he can come up with a solution to help add evidence to multiple annotons at the same time in the graphical view
  • The WB form interface has three sections: Editor/Query, Term Info, and Annotation Rows
  • The term info section provides information on entities (e.g. GO terms, genes, papers) and could be used to browse a paper
  • Design decision: have one row per annoton (i.e., MF, BP, CC and associated contextual information) or group adjacent rows into annotons, one annotation, and its contextual information, per row - What is easiest for different types of curation, i.e. conventional GO annotation vs. LEGO annotation?
  • Each annotation would contain information about the models that use it
  • Multiple evidences could be used to support an annotation
  • Come up with a few different prototypes that curators can test and then we can prioritize future development of the version curators find best to use
  • It's important for the tool to maximize curator efficiency so curators spend their time on annotating the biology, rather than on busywork of copy-paste, etc.
  • See Chris' mock-up in Google docs:
  • AI: David and Kimberly will work on Chris' mock-up and present at next meeting

LEGO/Noctua Workshop in Geneva

  • Need to come up with a rough outline for the workshop
  • How much time should we spend on it?
  • We can work on the March annotation consistency exercise paper
  • Maybe also work on a signaling pathway

ICBO Workshop

Relations Documentation

  • David and Kimberly reviewed Paul T.'s PowerPoint; will send edited version back for follow-up comments
  • Add to Dropbox once initial round of revisions is made