LEGO March 7, 2016

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Software Updates

  • Noctua features
  • GAF/GPAD Output

Call Schedule and Model Rota

  • Have weekly calls?
  • Implement a rotation for presenting models?

Plans for Geneva Meetings

  • BioCurator
  • GO Meeting

Relations Documentation


On call:

  • Berkeley: Chris, Heiko, Seth, Suzi
  • EBI: David OS
  • FlyBase: Giulia, Helen
  • MGI: David H
  • OHSU: Dan
  • USC: Paul
  • WB: Kimberly


  • Some display fixes
  • Changed format for endpoint between Noctua and TextpressoCentral (TPC)
    • Still need kick-out URLs from TPC
    • Add documentation/information describing connection between Noctua and TPC
  • Broadcast system put in place

Call Schedule and Models Review

  • Will now have a LEGO call every Monday
  • Not everyone will be able to make the full call every week, but we'd like to have more frequent discussion
  • Implement a rota for models review; include at least everyone who was at the Geneva meeting and would like to participate

Table Interface for Noctua

  • David H and Kimberly will provide specs for a table-like interface for Noctua
  • This may make some types and operations of annotation more efficient and will also be useful for doing more conventional GO annotation using Noctua
  • Think about how much the table form should follow the annoton model and what that means for evidence, etc.

Meetings - Geneva

  • Send Paul T. any thoughts on what to present in the LEGO/Noctua talk at BioCurator next month and also wrt conducting a LEGO workshop at the GO meeting

Models Demarcation

  • What defines a model? Where should they start and end? Can different views of a process be included in the same model?
  • Right now, there aren't hard and fast rules about how we define a model
  • In practice, a single model can be thought of as a unit of revision or curation
  • For future UI, it would be advantageous to be able to collapse specific parts of a model for better viewing

Causal Reasoning Workshop

  • David OS attended a causual reasoning workshop
  • Some of the work discussed is quite related to LEGO
  • Would be interesting to try to do a mapping between LEGO and some of the approaches discussed, especially wrt how GO models regulation
  • See: