LEGO October 5, 2015

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Agenda and Minutes

On call: Chris, David, Heiko, Kimberly, Paul T., Rama, Seth

Software Updates

  • Use main site at berkeleybop now, not dev, not port
  • GAF export
    • David - lots of spaces in GAF
    • Seth - for now, still need to use OWL export, but GAF will be available
    • Seth will make ticket for this

LEGO Documentation

  • Rough outline draft on Google docs
  • Review over next two weeks, add/edit topics for inclusion
  • Next call, 10/19, we will assign sections to write

LEGO Training

  • Still aim for early December
  • Come up with invite list and see who can come
  • Attendees, so far: Chris, David, Heiko, Kimberly, Paul T., Seth, Suzi
  • UCL (Ruth, Rachael, Becky), PomBase (Val, Midori, Antonia), EBI/UniProt (Claire, Melanie, Aleks), SGD (?), Zfin (Doug, Sabrina) , NextProt and Swiss-Prot (Pascale, Marc), FlyBase (Helen) - anyone else interested?

Noctua Mailing List

  • Seth sent email around

Annotation Modeling

  • PomBase annotation consistency exercise
  • No accompanying LEGO model yet
  • Paper was not very information-rich
  • We could try modeling this paper without explicit experiment evidence for the whole process using TAS evidence and then you know exactly what you need to go (try to) find in the literature