LEGO September 12, 2016

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Training and Documentation

UK Training Session

  • Any follow-up comments on the meeting?
    • The second day seemed like there was too much dead time. It would be more useful to have model discussions similar to the ones at the original Geneva workshop.

USC Training Session

  • It will be held 2016-11-07, the Monday after the consortium meeting
  • Paul T. looking into arranging a room at USC.
    • We will probably need to do another session as well. Zfin will probably want a session on site and the SGD curators may be able to piggyback on that session.


  • Some comments and edits made to the Quick Start guide
  • Any more comments on Quick Start Guide?
    • The new quickstart page is linked from the web site now.
    • We should change the learn more button to something else. It is not clear exactly where it will lead. It could simply be an 'about the project' page. We need to make it clear that it is instructions.
  • We would like to make an FAQ.

Software Updates

Updates to UI

NEO Overview and GPI Files

  • Questions, issues still to be sorted out?
        • Chris will present his GPI talk at the GOC meeting.
    • We have entries for:
      • Genes
      • Proteins
      • Transcripts
      • ncRNAs
      • Protein Complexes
    • How should protein complexes be represented?
  • David will modify the wiki that describes the GPI specs.

MGI Meeting Follow Up

  • Review the list of software and annotation issues that were discussed at the MGI training session, June 15th-16th.
  • See the Google doc
  • Some specific follow-up:
    • GAF/GPAD output is probably highest priority
      • Remaining issues:
        • How to handle causal chains
        • Multiple evidence = multiple lines in the GAF
    • We still need to figure out attribution. Right now everything coming in from Noctua has the group attribute GO_Noctua. That means that different groups making annotations to mouse genes cannot be distinguished.

LEGO Relations

  • New relations needed:
    • removes_input
      • directionality for causally_upstream_of_or_within and causally_upstream_of
        • GH tickets have been created to request these relations.