Manager 20April11

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Old Business

GO term changes report his data could be updated once a week.

ACTION: Reports should be moved to the QC directory and updated weekly. Need to advertise on the GO list.

New Business

  • Alerts of GO term obsoletions for groups (specifically InterPro) not subscribed to the GO list. How should the curators get advance notification of term obsoletions? (Emily)
  • apoptosis content call with APO-SYS experts - 12th May(Emily)

Discussion of meeting agenda:

  1. 1 Literature annotation; (Judy and Rama)
  1. 3 Ref. gene annotation (Paul T and Pascale)
  1. 6 Dissemination and outreach (Mike and Rama, Emily, and perhaps Seth to stand in for Chris and really being the front-of-the-store person.