Manager Call 2017-10-18

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GOC meeting action item review

GOC mailing lists clean up

  • Remove/merge some lists
  • Remove some people for eg from Managers list ?

Proposed Re-Organization of Noctua Documentation

  • Proposed re-organization of Noctua 'landing' page below
  • See Outline on Google docs
  • The old LEGO specification proposal
  • Documentation would be text, screenshots, and videos
    • Note that existing videos hosted on Vimeo are all out-of-date wrt the UI and will need to be re-done
  • Goal is to have concise, up-to-date, production-quality instructions
  • Source for current documentation on Noctua lives here:
    • Can we organize all user documentation into a single folder on github?
  • Good news: we can/will re-use existing documentation wherever possible


  • On call: