Migration of GO CVS to SVN

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Migration date: Sept 22 2012

On Sept 22, the SVN repository will become the primary store for GO content (GAFs, html documentation, etc)

Please note that this should only directly affect people or groups committing changes (i.e. the person responsible for GAF submission)

People and groups who are consuming material from CVS will be unaffected, as an automatic process will copy content from SVN to CVS

SVN help

GAF providers can always email go-help if they have problems checking in GAF files

It is recommended you use a different name such as go-trunk so as not to introduce confusion with the checked out cvs repository. E.g

 svn co svn+ssh://ext.geneontology.org/share/go/svn/trunk go-trunk
 cd go-trunk/

You may have to type

 svn co svn+ssh://go_user@ext.geneontology.org/share/go/svn/trunk go-trunk
 cd go-trunk/ontology/

Replacing go-user with your username

Web view:

More details

For gory details, see: