Multi-organism process signaling modulation terms

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  • There are a whole load of terms in the MOP node of the form:

modulation/regulation [by x of y] of [signal transduction pathway z]

  • Some of these match up with existing signaling pathway terms, in which case Jens made the appropriate 'regulates' relationships but there are others which have no corresponding regulates term.
  • Jen didn't want to add the corresponding signal transduction pathway terms while this overhaul was taking place, so we'll need to revisit these terms again later, once the new structure is decided upon.
  • Jen would ideally like these terms to be completely aligned (i.e. use exactly the same phrasing) as the 'real' ontology, so this will probably mean changing the MOP term names, or adding new terms to the 'real' ontology.

  • The terms are under: modulation of signal transduction pathway in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction ; GO:0052250, and as of June, the node looks like this:


In the second Phase, a new term was created:

multi-organism signaling ; GO:0035636 The transfer of information between living organisms.

This term is intended for use between organisms signaling to eachother (eg via pheromones).

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