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To expand and improve the GO biological processes terms and annotations for neurological processes including the core cellular processes for synaptic transmission, through to some of the higher order brain processes like cognition, and to fully augment GO cc with those terms in Neurological Information Framework (NIF)

UPDATE [Jan 2016]: there is now an ongoing ontology synapse project ( Integration of NIF terms into GO CC was completed and published (



  • David H
  • Tanya
  • David O-S
  • Alex
  • Chris
  • Paola

External experts

  • Dr. John Chua (GWDG) - main contact
  • Dr. Mario Albrecht (Max Planck Institute)

Main interest is in biological processes concerning the synapse, particularly the presynaptic active zone (human). See their recent review below for examples of genes and processes.

The architecture of an excitatory synapse.
Chua JJ, Kindler S, Boyken J, Jahn R.
J Cell Sci. 2010 Mar 15;123(Pt 6):819-23. Review.
  • Maryann Martone (NIF, University of California)
    • Neurological cell components


  1. Preliminary phone conference
  2. Collect SF items
  3. First draft of new terms
  4. Ontology content meeting with experts
  5. Second draft of new terms
  6. Implementation of new terms
  7. Annotations to new terms

SF items

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