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This page is for information and groups involved in the migration of the current GO home and and web presence to a new (Drupal-based) site.

Landing Page Group

People to determine the look, feel, and contents of the landing page on the new site.

  • Seth

Contents/Migration Group

People who will determine what types of content will be contained in the new site and what needs to be migrated from the old. This group has a technical aspect to it and will involve a little time investment.

  • Seth
  • Chris

Gross features

  • Forums
  • Publications
  • News
  • Feed aggregation
    • Internal
    • External
  • Output to
    • RSS/Atom
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Internal portals
    • Group X
    • Group Y


The current location of the new homepage is: Please be gentle: this server is small and underpowered, with all caching turned off since we're still in developments.


Examples of existing links that need to be preserved