New Ontology Editor Training

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This document is intended to guide new GO editors through the process of learning about and editing the ontologies. It is divided into eight rather unequal sessions. There is no set time for each session, and some will probably merge in to one another. Most sessions have some exercises at the end for you to work through, which an experienced editor will go through with you afterwards. Remember it's fine to ask for advice at any time!

  1. Introduction to GO
    • General structure of GO
    • Naming terms
    • Definitions
    • Relationships
    • Species specificity
    • Ontology QC
    • GO slims
    • DB cross-references
    • Cross-products
  2. GO Annotation
    • GA structure
      • Column 16
    • evidence codes
    • reference genomes
    • PAINT
    • Databases and people involved in project
  3. GO at EBI
    • Meetings
    • Mailing lists
    • Other groups
    • EBI tools
  4. Editing: Specific projects
    • signaling
    • multi-organism process/PAMGO
    • kidney development
    • transcription
  5. Editing: Logical consistency
    • Cross-products
      • regulates
      • cc part_of only
      • involved_in
    • Chemicals in GO
    • Inter-ontology links
  6. Editing: Small-scale requests
    • SourceForge tracker -> Should be GH
  7. Other ontologies
    • OBO Foundry
    • Formal ontology building
      • Basic Formal Ontology
      • Relationship Ontology
  8. Wiki, helpdesk and AmiGO