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* @author cjm
* Relational Database Adapter for any Schema that implements the OBD SQL API
* Status of OBD API, per schema
*   OBD: partially implemented
*   Chado: No
*   GODB: No
*   BioSQL: No
* The OBD SQL API consists of a schema-neutral
*  (a) a view layer; and
*  (b) SQL functions, such as store_node(...)
* This API can be implemented on a per schema / DBMS vendor basis
* The SQL API route was the most economical for us to implement, and
* it has many benefits. Those with a pathological aversion to DBMS logic
* can override methods in this adapter and implement the update logic in java
* (this may also turn out to be more efficient)
* See the obo-database svn repository on obo.sourceforge.net for the OBD API
* 		obo-database/sql/api/obd-mutable-api
* Note that this adapter is for both ontologies and annotations;
* Schema implementations may choose to implement store_annotation()
* in any way they choose
* Currently this adapter is incomplete
*   Reads: No
*   Writes: Partial
*   Filters on read: unimplemented
*   Filters on write: unimplemented
*   Lazy read: unimplemented
* At some point in the future there will be a LinkDatabase implementation;
* this will bring various advantages:
*  - using a RDBMS as a reasoner
*  - using MergedLinkDatabase to wrap multiple sources

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