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Jen's feature ideas:

  • Multi-core use especially for the reasoner
  • Better use of memory so the app does not have to be restarted.
  • Make implicit ontologies able to be viewed separately in a tree or graph visualization. This could possibly be done with OBOL. Even better would be to make these implicit ontologies separately editable, and then have them reintegrate.
  • Filtering to allow cross products and taxon link files to be filtered out:
    • Could have filtering arranged so that for each file name that we give we get to set up the usual filter criteria like 'ancestor name equals', but also then have check boxes for each tag type so we could choose to save out the id, name and def into the file, or just the id, name and intersection tags?
  • Use web services so that people can click on a term like 'neuron' and have the definition and graph downloaded and displayed automatically.
  • Browser features, like a back button to let users go back to the term they have just viewed.
  • Interoperability with Protege.
  • 'Open type hierarchy' feature in Eclipse. Click on the aristotelian definition in a term and have a tree open showing the hierarchy of is_a ancestors. If each ancestor was clicked then the aristotelian part of the def would be shown with differences perhaps colour highlighted.
  • Option to cascade aristotelian definitions to is_ children, with special editor support for integrating the differences applied with each descendent.