Ontology Development progress report for October 2008 meetings

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Ontology Development Progress Report


GO term statistics

April 16, 2008

Current Defined Obsolete Total
Function 8262 7909 566 8828
Process 14702 14564 470 15172
Component 2077 2077 117 2194
All 25041 25703 1153 26194

October 15, 2008

Current Defined Obsolete Total
Function 8421 8116 765 9186
Process 15565 15436 479 16044
Component 2226 2226 117 2343
All 26212 27139 1361 27573

SourceForge statistics (April 17 - Oct. 15) (to fill in)

  • items opened: 539
  • items closed: 587

SourceForge reports (on SF site)

Ontology Quality Control

New procedures are in place, and others are planned, to facilitate ontology QC.

  • See XP:Progress_2008
  • Consistency checks for regulation have been completed in bulk, and are now done for new regulation terms and regulates relationships.
  • Curators are now going through the report on terms with multiple part_of parents.
  • Chris has additional reports using cross-products that can be used for QC.
  • Ontology_QC_Metrics are now recorded.

Completed work

Work in progress

The ontology development group (including "core" members and ad hoc participants) has made a great deal of progress in several areas.

MF-BP links

  • Overview of function-process (MF-BP) links
  • GO curators conducted two pilot projects aimed at manually curating MF-links, in the areas of electron transport and core metabolism (glycolysis and the [[TCA_Cycle_Process-Function_Links|TCA cycle). Slides from the October 2008 GOC meeting are available for the electron transport links.
  • The plan to add links between MF and BP to represent Regulation of molecular function has been announced on the GO Friends list, and is scheduled to be implemented on February xx, 2009.
  • Additional sources of MF-BP links include Single-step biological processes and mining pathway databases such as Reactome and MetaCyc.

Signal transduction

Other work in progress