Ontology meeting 2013-04-18

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Minutes: David

Attendees:David, Paola, Tanya, Harold, Heiko, Becky, Judy and Jane

Interviews for GO-EBI job

Looking like interviews will be in early June. Jane will organize.

Cell cycle

How to parcel out the work?

Jane will carry on with the work and try to get a good part of it done next week. We need to have 
an educational call for reannotation. 

Let's devote the entire call to

Monthly update: Project Management in JIRA

Push to next week.

And if we have time:

PRO-PO-GO meeting

Judy there in person for May 15. Jane and Tanya to call in on May 15.

The Coordinating Role of the Gene Ontology (Jane Lomax)

Questions to be addressed include:
How does the GO view the division of labor with regard to describing Biological Processes (BPs) which are not within the scope of the GO BP ontology especially in regard to stage ontologies such as the cell life cycle ontology or the PO plant development stage ontology?
How are growth and development terms to be dealt with across organisms?
What are the lessons learned from the GO's experience in coordinating with other ontologies using GO terms in definitions?
What is the strategy and timeline for integrating PO into cross-product definitions of plant-relevant BPs (analogous to the way in which CHEBI, CL and PRO are currently being used)?
There is a proposal to have a development meeting at the end of June. Hopefully we will be able to flesh out the 
logical definitions of the top-level development terms at that point. As for definitions, is is difficult to keep 
textual defs up to date, but the logical definitions should be automatic.

Cell type templates

Pascale has asked whether we could prioritise these. Perhaps we could roll some templates out soon?

Do we want a separate template for each cell-specific process? Since they all have different 
relationships this might be difficult. Perhaps we should work with apoptosis first because of the 
reannotation effort. All of the existing ones have a logical def with cell. Ask Chris if we can 
roll out the apoptosis template. We need to make a gocell that is analogous to 
GOCHE. That way we can check alignments.


Can we somehow link to some of the Drupal pages that are finished like the ontology download page? It seems that the whole website is going to take some time.

Push to next week. This discussion is about content of the ontology-related pages.

SF upgrade

Apparently the categories etc will persist after the upgrade. So do we want to go ahead?

Wait until Chris is back and then take the plunge.

Follow-up: Envenomation

See http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Ontology_meeting_2013-03-28#Envenomation

Push to next week.