Ontology meeting 2017-04-07

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  • Format for documentation on github: Kimberly and David have been working on the SOP Google document. How are we going to transition that to GH as an indexed document for ontology editor reference?
  • Github transition
    • Ticket assignment and how it works.
  • Other issues GOC Meeting discussion
    • [Ontology tickets]
    • Inconsistent term creating: protein complex binding [[1]], etc.
    • What do we need to do for the single step BP? [[2]]
  • Please begin assembling any other agenda items for the GOC meeting.
  • Next ontology editors retreat?
    • Advanced OWL training
    • How imports and QC checks work, solving build failures
    • Noctua templates?
  • DavidH will be away the next two Fridays. Kimberly and Pascale will run the calls.