Ontology meeting 2017-04-21

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Action point from last meeting


Rediscuss next week Moni and Tanya: Please review the documentation at https://github.com/geneontology/go-ontology/pull/13204

  • Please check Google document and give feedback
  • Organization
    • Protege
    • github
    • Ontology editing
  • readthedocs - use this

Curator documentation

  • Chris suggests to use a new tag in protege;
  • Pascale suggests also creating a 'Curator beginners' guide'
    • Suzi suggests using information from the GO handbook

ACTION POINT Review existing documentation:

GOC Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon

    • Moni mentions someone (who?) asked for a general introduction about GO/Noctua prior to the Noctua WS

Moving design patterns to the GO repository

Chris updating ticket

Ontology Tickets

  • How to handle missing taxa? see [1]
    • Chris gave a short tutorial (Pascale: tried to capture some of it, but this is by no means accurate)

Go to the directory in terminal:

    • src/ontology
    • git pull
    • ncbitaxon
    • edit to add needed taxon
    • git (etc) -import
    • downloads the entire NCBI taxonomy, and adds the new term

  • Transport questions [2]
    • David OS agrees that it's better to avoid 'import/export instead of transmembrane transport
  • Taxon import incomplete see [3]
  • Removal of redundant class assertions [4]: Pascale would like to know how that impacts the assertions that we should make when creating/modifying terms
  • Chris will generate a GO inference report

Jenkin reports

Tanya is asking whether she needs to look at the Jenkin reports [go-ontology] Build failed in Jenkins: go-termgenie-check #1885[go-ontology] Build failed in Jenkins: sync-go-editors-from-github #9345 -> No


  • On call:

Pascale, Chris, Eric, Harold, Jim, Karen, Moni, Suzi, Paul, David OS, Tanya

Editors Rota

  • David H away 4/14 - 4/23
  • Kimberly away 4/17 - 4/22