Ontology meeting 2017-05-05

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GOC Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon

Annotation Documentation


Inference e-mails are Back


Ontology Developer Training

Follow up on idea of doing an advanced Ontology Developer Training workshop this summer

  • Who will participate ?
  • Where will it be?
    • Kimberly will be in CA for the worm meeting (UCLA) from ~June 20-25th, but no flights yet, so trip could be extended in either direction
    • It makes most sense logistically to have the meeting in CA.
    • The 19th-23rd is not good for the MGI curators. David can't make it after the 25th.
  • When will it be?
    • Doodle poll?
  • Potential Topics
    • Equivalence axioms - editors would like more guidelines on how to construct these.
    • OWL GCIs- Where do they live and how do they work?
    • Advanced Querying?
    • Pipelines and how they run. Starting jobs with ROBOT.
    • Build failures
      • Document the various fail messages and how to correct the issues.
    • Problematic GitHub tickets/mini Projects

Github Ticket Discussion



  • On call: DavidH, Kimberly, Harold, Tanya, Pascale, Moni, Karen, DavidOS, Chris, Judy, Eric