Ontology meeting 2017-05-12

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Kimberly will chair the call.

GOC Meeting, Corvallis, Oregon

Annotation Documentation

Add the 'curator note' property to selected classes: improving curator documentation centered around particular terms in the ontology, by embedding it directly in the ontology. See GitHub issue at https://github.com/geneontology/go-ontology/issues/13384

Ontology Editing (Protege/GitHub) Documentation

  • What's up with this? Final version somewhere?
  • Where to find the documentation for obsoleting terms?

Inference e-mails are Back


David has checked the file and has noted the strange ones in the ticket.

  • The response ones are pretty easy. They don't have necessary and sufficient logical defs.
  • The dentin transport one is a weird result of the reasoning.
  • The protein ones are technically correct but misleading. I am pretty sure it is due to the equivalence between PRO and ChEBI. I suspect Pascale might have these in her sights for clean up.

Ontology Developer Training

Follow up on idea of doing an advanced Ontology Developer Training workshop this summer

  • Who will participate ?
    • People who are currently active in editing the ontology.
  • Where will it be?
    • The Bay area.
  • When will it be?
    • The week of August 14th is best, but we won't have Seth.
  • Potential Topics
    • Equivalence axioms - editors would like more guidelines on how to construct these.
    • OWL GCIs- Where do they live and how do they work?
    • Advanced Querying?
    • Pipelines and how they run. Starting jobs with ROBOT.
    • Build failures
      • Document the various fail messages and how to correct the issues.
    • Problematic GitHub tickets/mini Projects

Github Ticket Discussion



  • On call: Darren, David OS, Eric, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Moni, Pascale, Suzi, Tanya