Ontology meeting 2017-05-26

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Discussion points (Pascale):

  1.  NTR RO: 'transports' https://github.com/oborel/obo-relations/issues/161
  2.  Keeping old stanzas as synonyms for merged terms: Could this rule be relaxed? Sometimes the other name is not appropriate.
  3. Otherwise- is it possible to move secondary IDs ? For example "GO:0019060 intracellular transport of viral protein in host cell " (https://github.com/geneontology/go-ontology/issues/13478) has synonyms
    • viral capsid transport in host cell nucleus,
    • intracellular viral protein transport,
    • intracellular viral capsid transport and
    • viral capsid transport in host cell cytoplasm

Presumably the merge was done to the wrong term, these seem like synonyms for 'GO:0075733 intracellular transport of virus'

GOC Meeting

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